Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Museum of Architecture and Design. Buenos Aires, Argentina
29 August 2010
"Encounters" exhibition
"Encounters" is inspired by some rocks from Playa Negra, a beach at the border of the South Atlantic on the coast of Tierra del Fuego. It's tribute to the end of the world, and a bridge to connect the farthest points of our land.
"Encounters" celebrates the encounter with nature and the absorption or the ecstasy that she brings about. It is a walk on a cool summer evening and the possibility of warming our bodies with its rocks. It's a night in the moonlight, watching the water come and go uncovering the rocks to show their brilliance.
"Encounters" is a close contact with the textures that caress our bodies and bring us messages from the past.
"Encounters" offers an evocation space to find ourselves, to wait, to rest, to look and look at ourselves and finally encounter ourselves, the other and nature.

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